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Romantic and inspiring days for passionate web designers.

We're living in a truly exciting time; new technologies, trends, and ideas are in full bloom all over the internet. Each year in iconic cities all over the world, we celebrate this by bringing together well-known web designers, visionaries, and innovative thinkers to inspire, teach, and help us uncover the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead. "Believe in what you do, do what matters, and do it with love."

"Believe in what you do, do what matters, and do it with love."

Love Moments

"If you want creative, give them enough time to play" John Cleese

Billed as two romantic and inspiring days for passionate web designers, the Awwwards #LoveDays Conference more than fulfilled our expectations. The iconic Parisian cityscape provided the perfect, if a little rainy, backdrop to an event in which we met the crème de la crème of web agencies, designers, and developers from all over the world; we can't thank you enough for making the conference such a unique experience. Thanks must also go to our sponsor and speakers; without you, #LoveDays would never have been possible.

Despite the apparently ephemeral nature of #LoveDays, the Awwwards conference is here to stay. If you weren't lucky enough to attend this year, keep your eyes peeled for all the latest news on our next event, and don't forget to search hashtags online for pics of the conference as it happened.

Into the Arctic, the site by Hello Monday for Greenpeace, was selected as the winner of Site of the Year by the Awwwards jury.

Rezo Zero, a French interactive agency, accepted the Developer of the Year award given to them by Bryan Saftler, Creative Technologist at Microsoft, and Joshua Holmes, Project Manager at Internet Explorer.

24 Hours of Happy, the world's first 24-hour music video created for Pharrell William, was developed by Anonymous, We Are From LA, and Iconolast Interactive. The guys from Anonymous were with us to pick up the Site of the Year Users' Choice award.

The hot property of the night was, without a doubt Hello Monday. They guys were called back to the stage once more to pick up the prestigious Agency of the Year award. in an almost unanimous vote, the deserving interactive agency stood out for creating quality sites, time and time again, such as: Into the Arctic, MoMA Magritte, B&O Play H6, A3, A9, A3, GoMacro, The Mobile Playbook, Paper & Paint Magazine, Diesel Black Gold, among many others

Representatives from 5 Continents. Some of the top movers and shakers in the industry from all around the world were in attendance: RESN (New Zealand), Good Morning (Norway), Epic (Belgium), Diplomatic Cover (France), ShiftBrain (Japan), Canvas Group (Australia), Uzik (France), Creuna (Norway), Grouek (France), Pier2Pier (South Africa), Bürocratik (Portugal), Aquest (Italy), Antistatique (Switzerland), The Twelve (France), Scozzese (Italy), Agentur Loop (Austria), We Work We Play (Belgium), Lavagraphics (Belgium), Microsoft (U.S.A), Departement Créatif (France) to name but a few.

So where will #LoveDays land in 2015? We are in the process of working out the details of next year's event. Our people are scouting locations all over the world. #LoveDays could be coming to a city near you. Stay tuned for the latest on our conference preparations, but in the meantime, let us know where you'd like to see #LoveDays 2015 by taking part in our Facebook poll.

And next year...?

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Anonymous, Antistatique, Benjamin Roudet, Bruce Lawson, Bryan Saftler, Bürocratik, Canvas Group, Christopher Murphy, Clara Hinton, Creative Style, Creuna, Département Créatif, Diane Rodin, Fabio Merlin & Aquést, Gabby Hegerty, Good Morning, Grouek, Helene Zuili, Hello Monday, Internet Explorer, Josh Holmes, Loop, Margot Gabel, Maxime Costes, Niklas de León Persson, Olivier Massai, Peter Smart, Pier2Pier, Pierre Betoliere, Rachel Andrew, Raul Rovina de Godoy, Resn, Rezo Zero, Scozzese Design, Shiftbrain, Simon Collison, Stephanie Troeth, Sylvain Tran, Tong Zhang, Ultranoir, Uzik Valentin Cervellera, We Work We Play.

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