Anais Iris

Does 3D in Web Experience still have a reason to be?

Type 3D
Date Thu. 15th
14:00 → 14:25
Location DeLaMar Theater
Anais Iris


After graduating from one of the most prestigious school of design: Gobelins in Paris.

Anaïs joined the Awwwards winning studio Immersive Garden where she worked on both UI and 3D design for almost 3 years. She is now a freelance 3D and interactive art director and works with clients and agencies worldwide.

Anais Iris

About The Talk

Does 3D in web experience still have a reason to be?

In a time and age where cognitive solicitation is content, accessibility is key and awareness of our carbon footprint is mandatory... does 3D still make sense? Is it just another trend that will fade? On the other hand, our need for entertainment, for emotional connection is stronger than ever.


We crave that moment of immersion that we will remember, that will move us and make a difference. In this light, I will explain my approach to 3D, my ways of working and my quest to remain meaningful.


  • Nicole Saidy & Oleksii Drozdenko
  • Tina Touli & Tasnim Bhuiyan
  • Vitaly Friedman
  • Jake Whiteley
  • Franco Arza & Clément Roche
  • Jerrie Bührmann & Bruno Tomé
  • Bruno Arizio
  • Martijn Wijsmuller & Paul Veen
  • Lars Koelman
  • Remy Bernstein & Cooper Pickett & Mercedes Lorenzo & Andres Clua
  • Ilja van Eck
  • Josefina Blattmann
  • Edan Kwan
  • Sofija Stanković & Teodora Stojković
  • Maarten Bruggink
  • Tine Karlsen
  • Jonas Lempa
  • Luis Henrique Bizarro
  • Irene Pereyra
  • Anais Iris
  • Peter Smart
  • Sofia Papadopoulou
  • Niccolò Miranda
  • Louis Paquet
  • Bruno Simon
  • Katie Menzies & Abel Reverter
  • Mikkel Noe Westh
  • Marek Suchanek
  • Liva Grinberga
  • Alice Cappo
Nicole Saidy & Oleksii Drozdenko

Nicole Saidy & Oleksii Drozdenko

Design System Designers NLD
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Tina Touli & Tasnim Bhuiyan

Tina Touli & Tasnim Bhuiyan

Creative Directors Adobe GBR
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Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman

Founder Smashing Magazine GER
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Jake Whiteley

Jake Whiteley

Lead developer Green Chameleon GBR
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Franco Arza & Clément Roche

Franco Arza & Clément Roche

Developers Studio Freight USA
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Jerrie Bührmann & Bruno Tomé

Jerrie Bührmann & Bruno Tomé

Design Lead & Lead Developer Build in Amsterdam NLD
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