Josefina Blattmann

How to create communication strategies that make people believe in something

Type Product Design
Date Fri. 16th
10:00 → 10:25
Location DeLaMar Theater
Josefina Blattmann


Josefina Blattmann is a Marketing Specialist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently working at the awwwards-winning digital agency DEPT®

She is also the founder of a Buenos Aires-based print magazine called Aguinaldo, organizes cultural events and festivals, and is working on academic research on how identity is represented in comics written by women in Latin America.

Josefina Blattmann

About The Talk

How To Create Communication Strategies That Make People Believe In Something

In a world where everything is made up of data, stats, hyper-targeted ads, and reports, why does it still make sense to carry out marketing actions that do not have super-precise and measurable results? Why should we invest in cultural events when SEO and ad campaigns always seem to be enough? Why is it important to make local designers and artists participate in any brand’s communication strategy?


Today, the credibility of companies, brands, media, and agencies relies heavily on what people say about them. It's not about adding a pride flag to their logos or publishing cool tweets, much less about growing email databases and bombarding inboxes. Users are already trained, they've already seen all those strategies and they won't fall for them any more. But, how can we develop a more real and human connection with our audiences? Can we make ads feel nice? Can we make the metaverse feel close? Can we create communication strategies that make people believe in something?


It's not about saying goodbye to metrics, KPIs and OKRs, but what if instead of focusing solely on them, we tried to complement them with something else. Maybe the time has come to stop and think about people instead of only focusing on target personas? What do they want? What are they tired of? What's the city they live in like? How can we offer them something they value?


In this talk, I am going to focus on the importance of culture and the participation of local designers and artists in brand communication strategies. I will focus on my work as a marketer and cultural manager in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 


  • Nicole Saidy & Oleksii Drozdenko
  • Tina Touli & Tasnim Bhuiyan
  • Vitaly Friedman
  • Jake Whiteley
  • Franco Arza & Clément Roche
  • Jerrie Bührmann & Bruno Tomé
  • Bruno Arizio
  • Martijn Wijsmuller & Paul Veen
  • Lars Koelman
  • Remy Bernstein & Cooper Pickett & Mercedes Lorenzo & Andres Clua
  • Ilja van Eck
  • Josefina Blattmann
  • Edan Kwan
  • Sofija Stanković & Teodora Stojković
  • Maarten Bruggink
  • Tine Karlsen
  • Jonas Lempa
  • Luis Henrique Bizarro
  • Irene Pereyra
  • Anais Iris
  • Peter Smart
  • Sofia Papadopoulou
  • Niccolò Miranda
  • Louis Paquet
  • Bruno Simon
  • Katie Menzies & Abel Reverter
  • Mikkel Noe Westh
  • Marek Suchanek
  • Liva Grinberga
  • Alice Cappo
Nicole Saidy & Oleksii Drozdenko

Nicole Saidy & Oleksii Drozdenko

Design System Designers NLD
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Tina Touli & Tasnim Bhuiyan

Tina Touli & Tasnim Bhuiyan

Creative Directors Adobe GBR
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Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman

Founder Smashing Magazine GER
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Jake Whiteley

Jake Whiteley

Lead developer Green Chameleon GBR
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Franco Arza & Clément Roche

Franco Arza & Clément Roche

Developers Studio Freight USA
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Jerrie Bührmann & Bruno Tomé

Jerrie Bührmann & Bruno Tomé

Design Lead & Lead Developer Build in Amsterdam NLD
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