Bruno Simon

Master shaders

Type Workshop
Date Wed. 14th
08:30 → 13:30
Location Nieuwe Liefde - Room 2
Price Starting at 423 €
Bruno Simon


Bruno Simon is a creative developer passionated with WebGL

His portfolio went viral in 2019, with users being able to navigate through his projects by moving a little red car in an interactive world (...and that's the story of the "portfolio guy"). Then in 2021, he launched Three.js Journey, an online course where you learn everything you need to create cool 3D websites with Three.js and Blender. And now? He continues his creative journey by streaming his ideas on Twitch!

Bruno Simon

The workshop

Master shaders

Shaders are kind of the hardest part when doing WebGL (even with Three.js). People like to be taken by the hand when tackling this subject.


Please bring your laptop.


The Schedule:

08:00 Registration & Welcome
08:30 Workshop Session 1
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Workshop Session 2
13:30 Lunch
15:00 End of Workshop! 

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